Court Battles Begin Over Labeling of Reprocessed Devices
Defibrillators Recalled; May Fail to Deliver Shock
Cryolife Ordered to Recall Processed Human-Tissue Products
Firm Completes Recall of Guide Wires
Possible Shutdown Prompts Recall of Vital Signs Monitor
Ventricular Tunneling Pressure Monitoring Kit Recalled
Needle System Recalled Due to Sterility Concern
Recall of Microcatheter Kit Complete
Separation Prompts Recall of Diagnostic Catheters
Liver Dialysis Recalls Issued
Recall of Gray Tip Drill Complete
Possible Short Circuit Leads to Recall of Incubator
Recall of Humeral Rod System Complete
Firm Begins Recall of Software
Recall of Radial Head Stem Complete
Imaging Devices Recalled; Supporting Arm May Strike Patient
State Sues Calif. Firm for Medical Imaging Center Investment Scam