Five Kidney Dialysis Deaths Prompt Baxter/FDA Action
Low Bed Recalled; Arcing, Shock Hazard Cited
Recall of Gut Sutures Complete
Stopcock Recalled; Tubing May Separate
Software Error Prompts Recall of Infusion Pumps
Aero Vent Holding Chamber Inadvertently Opens; Recall Begun
Sterile Fluid Paths Recalled for Fluid Leaks
Devices Recalled After Errors Occur
Irregularity Leads to Recall of Pressure Regulator Assembly
Rupture Prompts Recall of Micro Catheters
Workaround Issued on Software System
Possible Shock from Cord Prompts Printer Recall
Tubing Packs Recalled; Valves May Leak or Separate
FDA Revises Recent Recall Information
JCAHO Initiates Sentinal-Event Alert for Bed Rail-Related Entrapment Deaths
Senate Approves Bill to Ban Mercury Thermometers
CDRH to Establish New Office to Regulate In Vitro Diagnostic Devices