Tri-State Hospital Supply Corp. Recalls Oral Swabs Due to Potential Choking Hazard
Obese Patients Strain Equipment as Beriatric Surgery Grows in Popularity
Software Recalled; Image Data Transferred
Database Damage Leads to Recall of X-Ray System
Radiation Treatment Planning Software Recalled
Possible Shutdown Prompts Recall of Information System
Fire Potential Prompts Ventilator Recall
Syringe Kits Recalled; May Exceed Endotoxin Limits
Recall of MR Systems Complete
Sterilization Concern Prompts Arthroscope Recall
TPS U2 Drill Recall Complete
Surgeons Vest Recalled Due to Incomplete Seal
Software Anomalies Lead to Ultrasound Recall
Mislabeling Prompts Recall of Electrodes
Infusion Pump Recalled; Software Problem Cited
Catheter Recalled; Extension Tube Detached
Incorrect Guide Wire Leads to Catheter Recall
Bolt System Recalled; Incompatibility Cited
Possible Collapse Leads to Recall of Catheter
Extremity Coils Recalled; Could Catch Fire, Cause Burns
Fixation Nail Recall Complete
Five BMET Students Receive Spacelabs Scholarship