Transdermal Drug Patches, Especially Clear Patches, Pose Serious Medical Error Risks
Eximer Laser System Recalled
Sterility Concern Prompts Drill Set Recall
X-ray Table May Shift
Gamma Camera Recalled
Mislabeling Prompts Nail Recall
Sterility a Concern with Scopes
Eye Surgery Injector May Overflow
Portable Defibrillators May Fail
Anesthesia Machine Leaks
Angiographic Catheter Lines Mislabeled
Wyes Recalled
Nine Million Syringes Called Back
Oxygen Chambers Recalled by FDA
LASIK Laser Could Fail During Surgery
Stent Packaging May Fail
Interpretation Mistakes Lead to Errors Involving Drugs and Devices
FDA Warns Again of Interactions Between Certain Medical Gases and Anesthesia
Device Warning Letter Pilot Program Terminated