Baxter Pediatric IV Sets Contain Oversized Filters
Wall Stand Recalled Due to Lack of Labels
Contaminant Cited for Recall of Thoracentesis Tray
Blood/Solution Sets Recall for Leakage
Recall of Waste Management System Complete
Sterilization Concern Prompts Recall of Ureteral Dilation Balloon Catheters
Faulty Attachment Cited for Bronchoscope Connectors
Discectomy Instruments Recalled For Faulty Tip
Compromised Sterility Prompts Recall of Ear Wick
Cleaning Agent Residue Leads to Recall of Hip Prostheses
Gamma Camera Systems Recalled
Mislabeled Latex Prompts Recall of Procedure Masks
Misprint Leads to Recall of Radiographic Template
Drapes Recalled Due to Sterility Concerns
Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator Recalled for Malfunction
Recall of Peripheral Vascular Patch Complete
Drills, Bits Recalled for Sterility Concerns
Bed Recall
Surgical Kits Mislabeled “Latex-Free”
Pyrogen Levels Too High in Stent