SUD Reprocessor Halts Operations to Comply with FDA Consent Decree
Tracheal Tubes Recalled; May Be Non-Sterile
Failure to Charge Leads to Defibrillator Recall
Sterility Mislabeling Leads to Spinal System Recall
Potential for False Negative with Software Prompts Recall
Drill Bits Recalled; Possible Patient Injury Cited
Bassinet Recalled; Wheel May Come Off
Software Anomaly Prompts Recall
Treatment System Recalled; Argon Gas Leak Cited
Pacemakers Recalled Due to Inadequate Connection
Tissue Adhesive Recalled
Possible Patient Entrapment Cited in Bed Recall
Software Issue Prompts Digital Image Communication System Recall
Mislabeling Prompts Recall of Platinum Coil
Percutaneous Sheath Introducer Kit Recalled
IV Sets Recalled
Cardioplagia System Recalled
Introducer Kits May Have Faulty Handles
Cerebrospinal Test Kit Has Flaw
Lab System Recalled Again
Software Problem with Imaging System
Computer Has Software Anomaly
Pump May Deliver Wrong Dose
Probes May Not Be Sterilized
Stent Marketed Without FDA 510k Approval
X-ray Software Problem
Ceiling Suspension Recalled
Fistula Needle May Leak
Fluidized Therapy Units Have Flaw