Hospital May Have Falsely Implicated Manufacturer In Infection Outbreak and Death
Beds May Cause Electrical Shock
Drills Are Mislabeled
Catheter Extension Can Disconnect
Latest Lab System Software Flaw
Oxygen Delivery System Mislabeled
Wrong Fuse Could Cause Short
Software Problem with CT Scanner
Infusion Pump IV Sets May Leak
Irrigation Set Mislabeled
Biopsy Device Leaks Argon
IV Set Mislabeled
Defibrillator May Fail
Broken Catheter Tips Prompt Recall
Biopsy Needles Not Sterilized
Burning Hazard with Disinfection Unit
Continuous Ventilator Has Software Glitch
Foot Stirrups May Detach
Beam-limiting Problem with X-ray
Software Mismatches Images and Patients
Transfusion Kit Recalled Due to Sterility Problem
Fixation Pin Mislabeled
Urinalysis Device Recalled
Particle Filtration Efficiency Mislabeled on Masks
X-ray System Component Could Malfunction When Damp
Bone Screw Mislabeled
JCAHO Attempts to Resolve Liability Exposure Inherent to New Review Procedure
Telemetry Interference Likely to Increase as FCC Lifts Ban