“Hot” Patients Setting Off Alarms Nationwide
Diagnostic Card Has Flaw
Beds Recalled
Flaw in Software
Foreign Matter Found in Catheters
Oxygenator Leak
Catheters Can Fracture
Incubator Fire Hazard
Software Problem with Lab Analyzer
Donor Tissue Recalled
Laser Coder System Recalled
Recall of Valve Tester Complete
Dialyzers Recall Complete
Neonate Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs Recalled
Microbubbles Prompt Recall of Hemodialysis Instrument
Beds Recalled; Warning Label Missing
Test Strips, Glucose Monitoring Strips Recalled
Defect Leads to Recall of Scope Sterilizer
Catheter Recall Complete
Recall of Shoulder Shell Complete
Mislabeling Prompts Recall of Ulnar Assembly
Microbe-Killing Gloves
Nebulizer/IV Line Mix-up Kills Young Girl
Hospital Loses Tax-Exempt Status