New National BMET Organization Formed
Patient Lift Could Fall
Missing Labels for Mobile X-Ray System
AED Batteries Recalled Due to Incorrect Fuse
Radiology System Recall Completed
Image Database Can Erase
Radiographic System Could Collapse, Cause Injury
Brachytherapy Components Recalled
Mixing Valve Can Leak
Biohazard Exposure Possible
Recall of Percutaneous Catheter Complete
Sterility Problem Prompts Recall of Hand Controller Kits
Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanner Device Recalled
Electrode Cable Recalled Due to Mislabeling
1,792 Workstations, Monitors Recalled
Mislabeling Leads to Recall of Cardioplegia Delivery Sets
Software Defect Prompts Recall of Peritoneal Dialysis Systems
Communication Cable Recall Complete
Inner Cannula for Tracheostomy Tube Recalled
Focused Ultrasound Surgery Recommended by FDA Advisory Panel
Philips Wins Design Award for Cordless Fetal Transducer
New Website Promotes Value of Medical Imaging