Congress Acts to Fill the Medical Device Pediatric Gap
Wound Dressing May Not Be Sterile
Cell Counter Recalled; Can Overestimate Results
Potential Failure Leads to Recall of Dialysis Component
Sterility Concern Prompts Recall of Biliary Stent System
Inadequate Trocar Tip Assembly Leads to Recall
Firm Completes Recall of Pins
Systems Operation Manual Recalled
Peritoneal Dialysis Transfer Set Subject of Recall
Software Anomaly Prompts Recall of Cardiac Monitor
Recall of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator Complete
Firm Recalls Emission Computed Tomography System
Recall of Navigation System Complete
Possible Wheel Malfunction Prompts Mobility System Recall
Recall of Ambulance Cots Complete
Recall of Central Station Monitoring Product Begun
FDA Approves Genotyping Test