Does Litigation Hinder Patient Safety?
Two Nationwide Alerts Issued on IV Flush Brand of Heparin or Sodium Chloride Intravenous Catheter Flushes
Defective Units Lead to X-Ray System Recall
Aortic Cannula Recalled; May Delaminate, Leak
Suction Units Recalled Due To Battery Charger Problem
Misassembly Blamed for Bracket Recall
ET Tubes Recalled; Wires Reported “Out of Channel”
CPAP System Recalled; May Stop Functioning
Lack of Sterility Prompts Recall of Placement Kits
Monitor/Defibrillators Recalled; Possible Delay Cited
Chair Lift Company Cited For Quality Assurance Deficiencies at Manufacturing Plant
CryoPlasty Therapy May Avert Amputation