FDA Hospital Bed Inventory Linked to Multiple Entrapments and Seven Deaths
Incorrect Labeling Leads to Screw Recall
Vessel Erosion Prompts Recall of Catheter
Trip Hazard Prompts Recall Of Bed
Catheter Separation Leads to Recall of PICCs
Infusion Pump Recalled; Over-Infusion Possible
Temperature Management System Recalled
Breast Biopsy System Recalled
Motorized Vehicles Recalled Due to Intermittent Operation
Medication Bottle, Part of Nebulizer Recalled
Cardiac Reader Diagnostic Tool Recalled
Recall of Ultrasound Probe Drape Completed
Solution Sets With AutoClamp Recalled; 4.4 Million Affected
Firm Announces Recall of Disposable Cuffs
Clinician Files Suit Over Faulty Syringe
In Your Biomed Shop, Are You the “Cooperator,” “Reciprocator,” or “Free Rider”?
Three Limbs Reattached to Boy after Freak Accident
Good News for Boston Scientific's Stents