Programmable Stimulator Recalled
Firm Completes Recall of Needle Guide Kits
Tracheostomy Tube Recall Complete
Shoulder Positioner Recalled; May Break
Curved Scissors Recalled; Blades May Separate
PET/CT Software Recalled Due to Misalignment
Dislodge of Power Switch Leads to Two Recalls
Endobronchial Tubes Recalled; Mislabeling Blamed
Recall of Tomoscan Begun
Sterility Issue Prompts Recall Of Navigation, Visualization Systems
IV Access Products Recalled; 1.6 Million Affected
Image Management System Recalled Due to Failure to Update
Automatic Cutting Needle Subject of Recall
Expiration Date Leads to Recall of Suturing Devices
Blood Flowmeter Probe Recalled; Seal Can Fail
Leak in Recalled Catheter Could Let Air Into Artery
Recall Begun on Cardioverter-Defibrillators
Anesthesia System Recalled For Software Update
Software Anomaly Prompts Recall of Cranial Surgery Devices