Hospitals Testing RFID Inventory Control For High-End Equipment
Blood Glucose Meters Subject of Class I Recall
Electrode System Recalled
Leakage Leads to Recall of Spinal Anesthesia Trays
Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Recalled
Short-Circuit Prompts Recall Of Wheelchair Component
Incorrect Bolts Prompt Recall of X-Ray Device
Infusion Pump Recalled; Attracted to MR Scanner
Dislodged Lumen Leads to Recall of Thrombolytic Device
Temperature Controller Unit Recalled
Occlusion Prompts Recall of IV Sets
MRI Device Recalled; Possible Explosion Cited
Defibrillator Recalled; May Disarm, Not Deliver Shock
Deployment Difficulties Prompt Stent System Recall
Over-Crimping Leads to Recall of Needle
IV Access Device Recalled due to Inadequate Directions
Temperature Management Blanket Recalled
Shock Hazard Prompts Recall of Heat Massager
Fracture Blade Plate Instrument Recalled
Ultrasound System Recalled; Acoustic Display Inaccurate