New Devices Designed for Optimum Patient Safety May Pose Greater Risks
Y and T Valves Recalled Due to Leakage
Firm Completes Two Recalls of Infusion Systems
Defibrillator Parts Recalled; Voltage Pins May Break
Pacing Cable Switch Recalled Due to Design Flaw
Software Problem Prompts Recall of INR Monitoring System
Cassette System Recalled; Tubing May be Reversed
Mislabeling Leads to Recall of Calibration Verifiers
Breast Biopsy Aiming Device Recalled
Device Recalled; Does not Meet Labeling Standards
Pump Failure Leads to Pain Management System Recall
Cardiovascular Kit Recalled due to Small Cracks
Sterility Leads to Recall of Hemostatic Bandages
Incorrect Packaging Leads to Recall of Hand Access Device
Software Anomaly Prompts Blood Filtration System Recall
Injection System Recalled; Heat Maintainer May Overheat
Medical Bed Recalled; Short Circuit Possible
Infusion Pump Recalled; False Alarms Cited
Phototherapy System Recalled; Safety Hazard Possible
Latex-Free Kits Recalled; May Contain Latex