Medical Device Recalls and Warnings Soar in 2005
Insulin Pump Battery Pack Recalled; Pump May Turn Off
Tip Dislodgement Prompts Recall of Intrathecal Catheter
Firm Begins Recall of Infusion Pumps
Imaging System Recalled for Noncompliance
Electrical Short Leads to Birthing Bed Recall
Wrong Capacitor Prompts Recall of Electrosurgical Unit
Manual Wheelchairs Recalled For Bracket Problem
Sterility Concern Prompts Recall of Cutting Balloon Device
Ambulance Cot Recalled; Wheel Assembly Cited
Blood Collection Assembly Recalled
Inaccurate Reading Prompts Patient Monitor Recall
Surgical Wash, Transfusion Sets Recalled Due to Manufacturing Error
Surgical Tables Recalled; Leg Section May Drop