Positive Stent Study in Doubt Due to Device Maker Involvement
Pumps Recalled in Class I Action; Drug Flow May Be Interrupted
Recall of Air Therapy Systems Complete
Blood Collection Set Recalled; Blister Warped
Battery Cable Overheating Prompts Scooter Recall
Wheelchairs Recalled; Hub Bolts May Loosen
Firm Announces Two Recalls; Mixed X-Ray Images Cited
Overheating Leads to Recall Of Ventilators
Anesthesia Machine Recalled; Caster May Break Loose
Portable X-Ray System Recalled; Tube Head May Fall
Bone Reamer Subject of Recall
Telemetry System Recalled; Audible Alarm Does Not Occur
Pacemakers, ICDs Subject Of Recall
Firm Announces One Recall Complete, One Ongoing
Potential Underinfusion Prompts Pump Recall
Humanitarian Device Exemptions Lifted on Implants to Treat Heart Malformation