New Technology May Cut Costs
Two Ongoing Recalls of X-Ray Systems
Hip Positioning System Recalled; Part May Crack
Anterior Cervical Post Subject of Recall
Sticky Valve Disk Prompts Portable VAD Driver Recall
Firm Recalls System Containing Recalled Laptop Battery
Tibial Punch Could Break During Use; Recall Begun
Cannula for Use With VAD Recalled; Embolism Risk Cited
Power Beds Recalled Due to Control Box Problem
Trip Hazard Prompts Recall of 36,645 Hospital Beds
Laser Ablation System Recalled
Image Orientation Error Prompts MRI Systems Recall
Balloon Wedge Pressure Catheter Recalled
X-Ray System Recalled; Image Loss Possible
Possible Air Infusion Leads to Hemodialysis Machine Recall
Suction Device Recall Complete
Defibrillator Recall Extended to Include 310 More Units
Laparoscopic Instruments Recalled; Jaws Broke During Procedures
Recall of Neonatal Transilluminator Complete
Steerable Sheaths Recalled; Leak Cited
RFID Technology Will Track Surgical Inventory