Salary Survey Shows Sharp Decline in Women Personnel and Their Salaries
Firms Announce Recalls of Blood Glucose Test Strips
X-ray, Fluoroscopy System Recalled; Generator May Lock Up
Hemodialysis Instrument Recalled
Assembly Problem Leads to Sharps Container Recall
Bone Fragmentor Recalled; Metal Shavings Released
Sternum Saw Nut Recalled; Operation May Be Delayed
Blade Electrodes Recalled; Injury Possible
Pulse Oximetry Devices Recalled; Incorrect Readings Noted
Possible Underinfusion Prompts Recall of Pump Cassette
Thread Timing Issue Prompts Recall of Guide Pins
Imaging System Component Recalled
Linear Accelerator Recalled; Chain May Break
Missing Caution Label Leads To Recall of Carts
Potential Pinch Point Prompts Urologic Table Recall
Recall of Knee Systems Complete
Improperly Machined Parts Lead to Tibial Tray Recall
Centrifuge Recalled; Rotor May Crack
Hemodialysis Machine Recalled; Defective Membrane Cited
Possible Power Failure Prompts Recall of Desflurane Vaporizer
Medical Canes Recalled Due To Possible Breakage
Sterility Problem Leads to Catheter Recall
Firm Completes One Recall, Begins Another