Firm Expands Class I Recall of Mesh Patches
Counterfeit Products Prompt Recall of Blood Glucose Test Strips
Defibrillators Recalled; Shock May Be Delayed
Fluoroscopy, X-Ray Systems Recalled Due to Lock-Up Potential
Misbranding Prompts Swan-Ganz Catheter Recall
Tracheostomy Tube Recalled; Shaft Mislabeling Blamed
Mispackaged Plug Recalled
Ventilator Recalled; Additional Directions for Use Needed
Blood Glucose Monitoring Strips Recalled
Incorrect Drill Length Prompts Recall of Drill Bits
Flow Cytometer Software Subject of Recall
Linear Leads Recalled; Made With Incorrect Electrode Materials
Tube Clamp Adapters Recalled; Fracturing Possible
Possible Thermal Damage Prompts Humidifier Recall
Defective Tibial Tray Recalled
Inner Tube Breakage Prompts Recall of Prosthetic Foot Modules
Hip Fracture Stem System Subject of Recall
Patient Lift Recalled; Bar Assembly May Detach
Firm Recalls Heating Pads; Burn Injuries Possible
Humidification Devices Return to Market