Registry to Track Athletes With ICDs
IV Sets Recalled
60,000 AEDs Recalled
Electrosurgical Pencil Recalled
Millions of IV Infusion Sets Recalled
Ocular Surgery Accessories Recalled
Reagent Software Recalled
Lithotripsy System Recalled
Coagulation Analyzer Recalled
Defibrillator/Monitor Recalled
Catheter Thrombectomy Set Recalled
Enteral Pump Recalled; May Break
Recall of Enteral Feeding System
Endotracheal Tubes Recalled
Radiotherapy Software Recalled
Prosthetic Foot Recalled; May Fail During Use
Acetabular Surgery Instrument Recalled
Endoscopic Devices Recalled
Carotid Stents Recalled for Failure to Deploy
Cardiac Catheterization Software Recalled
Power Wheelchairs Recalled; May Spark
Lancing Device Recalled for Potential Needle Sticks
Reagent Software Recalled
Ureteral Stent Sets Recalled
Hematology Analyzers Recalled
Poor Welding Leads to Patient Lift Recall
Fluid Warming Sets Recalled
Out-of-Body Experiences Induced in the Lab