FDA Petitioned on Direct-to-Consumer Medical Device Ads
Class I Recall of Implantable Ventricular Assist Device
Luer Connector Recalled! Risk of Leakage
Electrolyte Analyzer Recalled For Incorrect Results
X-Rays Systems Recalled for Unexpected Shutdowns
Surgical Navigation Systems Recalled
100,000+ Skin Cleaning Devices Recalled
Mislabeled Screws Recalled
Compromised Packaging Prompts Recall of Bone Pressurizer Device
Linear Actuators Recalled! May Fail
80,000+ Stretchers Recalled Due to Brake Problems
43,000+ Beds Recalled
Guidant Defibrillator Recalls Updated
Scooters and Powerchairs Recalled
CT Scanner Recalled for Software Anomaly
Lack of Package Integrity Prompts Recall of Reconstitution Device
Vena Cava Filter System Recalled
Bilirubin Calibrator Recalled! Incorrect Values
Truce Called in 40-Year Feud Over Artificial Heart