Sham Medical Devices Slip Through Regulatory Loophole
Leads for Vagus Nerve Stimulation System Recalled
Combined Capnograph/Pulse Oximeter Monitor Recalled
Insulation Problem Leads to Forceps Recall
PET/CT Scanners Recalled for Software Problem
Breakage Leads to Femoral Holder/Driver Recall
Loose Pins Prompt Recall of Spinal Rod System
Angiography System Recalled; May Lock Up
Hygiene Chair Recalled
Palatal Implant Recalled; May Stick During Implantation
Perfusion System Pump Recalled
Perfusion System Control Unit Recalled
X-Ray System Recalled
Radiation Therapy System Components Recalled
Medical Device Fragments Left In Patients : What Goes Wrong?
China Delays Inspection Requirement for Imported Medical Devices
Fat-Busting, Bone-Growing Device