FDA Approved Wrong Facility in China
100,000+ Infusion Pumps Subject of Class I and II Recalls
Ophthalmic Ultrasound System Recalled
Port System Recalled; Catheter May Be Wrong Size
11.5 Million Surgical Masks Recalled
Lack of Marketing Approval Prompts Recall of Manuals, Instruments, and Implants
200,000+ Nebulizers Recalled
Hematology Analyzers Recalled
Loose Screw Prompts Cement Gun Recall
CT Scanner Software Recalled
Assay Controls Recalled
Defibrillator Batteries Recalled
Defective Respiratory Care Valves Recalled
PET/CT Scanners Recalled
Failure Prompts Recall of Reagent Analyzer Syringes
Culture Bottles Recalled
Acupuncture Needles Recalled
Failure to Reactivate ICD Leads to Patient Death