Bizarre Resources from the FDA
Codman TruFill Liquid Embolic System
Vital Signs Anesthesia Circuits
GE Healthcare Monitors
Microbore Trifurcated Extension Sets
BD Interlink Cannula
Atrium Oasis Chest Drains
GE Healthcare Carescape Module
Boston Scientific Twister Plus
Sterrad NX, 50, and 100S Sterilization Systems
Draeger Infinity Acute Care Monitor
Weck Electrosurgical Coagulation Suction Tubes
GE Optima Mobile X-Ray Systems
Boston Scientific Balloon Catheters
Anspach Carbide Cutting Burrs, Drums
Sorin Orchestra Pacemaker Programmers
Argus and Cirrus Gamma Camera Systems
GE Video Monitor Suspensions
e-Reporting Mandatory in 2015; Hospitals Exempt