New Patient Safety Initiative to Compare Medical Devices : VA Pittsburgh Will Analyze the Impact of Product Design on User Performance
Merlin@home RF Remote Monitoring Transmitter
HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator
GE Proteus XR/a Imaging System
Brilliance and Ingenuity CT Systems
Ferno PROFlexx Stretchers
Flutter Percussor Respiratory Device
PF4 Concentrated Wash
Aesculap Multi-Lumen Catheters
Siemens Ysio, Luminos dRF, And Agile Max Systems
CD8 Phycoerythrin Reagent
Siemens Linear Accelerators
Brainlab iPlan RT Treatment Planning Systems
Anti-Lambda APC-H7
Seimens Artis Ceiling Systems
Malleable C-Retractor
GE Discovery IGS 730 And 740 X-Ray Systems
Philips IntelliVue TcG10 Blood Gas Monitor
Powered Stretcher Chair
Phadia 1000 Instrument
Philips BrightView Imaging Systems
Synthes Mandible External Fixator
Mandible Locking Plate Bender/Cutte
Verasense Knee System
Brainlab Airo Mobile CT
Fresenius Assembly Power Supply
Fresenius Crit Line