Biometrika : The first 100 years
Biometrika Centenary : Theory and general methodology
One hundred years of the design of experiments on and off the pages of Biometrika
Biometrika Centenary : Survival analysis
Biometrika Centenary : Nonparametrics
Biometrika Centenary : Sample surveys
A personal journey through time series in Biometrika
Effects attributable to treatment : Inference in experiments and observational studies with a discrete pivot
Hierarchical likelihood approach for frailty models
Event-based analysis times for randomised clinical trials
Fitting semiparametric transformation regression models to data from a modified case-cohort design
Bayesian capture-recapture methods for error detection and estimation of population size : Heterogeneity and dependence
Miscellanea On stochastic versions of the EM algorithm
Modelling and generating correlated binary variables
Polynomial boundary treatment for wavelet regression