An information matrix test for logistic regression models based on case-control data
Inference for covariates that accounts for ascertainment and random genetic effects in family studies
Two-sample tests for growth curves under dependent right censoring
The TM algorithm for maximising a conditional likelihood function
Misspecified maximum likelihood estimates and generalised linear mixed models
Hierarchical generalised linear models
Marginal regression models for the analysis of positive association of ordinal response variables
Clustering methods based on variational analysis in the space of measures
Bayesian curve-fitting with free-knot splines
Bayesian analysis of case-control studies with categorical covariates
Bayesian semiparametric inference on long-range dependence
Tapered block bootstrap
Within-cluster resampling
Estimation for partially nonstationary multivariate autoregressive models with conditional heteroscedasticity
High-order asymptotic expansions for robust tests
Miscellanea Upper bounds on the number of columns in supersaturated designs
Updating formula in an analysis of variance model
Semiparametric regression for clustered data
A simple generalised crossvalidation method of span selection for periodogram smoothing
Sample size calculations for logistic and Poisson regression models
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