A semiparametric pseudolikelihood estimation method for panel count data

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SUMMARYIn this paper, we study panel count data with covariates. A semiparametric pseudolikelihood estimation method is proposed based on the assumption that, given a covariate vector Z, the underlying counting process is a nonhomogeneous Poisson process with the conditional mean function given by E{N (t)|Z} = Λ0t) exp (β′0Z). The proposed estimation method is shown to be robust in the sense that the estimator converges to its true value regardless of whether or not N (t) is a conditional Poisson process, given Z. An iterative numerical algorithm is devised to compute the semiparametric maximum pseudolikelihood estimator of (β0, Λ0). The algorithm appears to be attractive, especially when β0 is a high-dimensional regression parameter. Some simulation studies are conducted to validate the method. Finally, the method is applied to a real dataset from a bladder tumour study.

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