Shape-space smoothing splines for planar landmark data
Integrated likelihood functions for non-Bayesian inference
The weighted log-rank class of permutation tests: P-values and confidence intervals using saddlepoint methods
Tuning parameter selectors for the smoothly clipped absolute deviation method
Dimension reduction in regression without matrix inversion
Implications of influence function analysis for sliced inverse regression and sliced average variance estimation
Sparse sufficient dimension reduction
Partial inverse regression
Simulation and inference for stochastic volatility models driven by Lévy processes
Simulation of hyper-inverse Wishart distributions in graphical models
Recursive computing and simulation-free inference for general factorizable models
Optimal adaptive randomized designs for clinical trials
Adaptive Lasso for Cox's proportional hazards model
Estimation of the mean function with panel count data using monotone polynomial splines
Survival analysis with temporal covariate effects
Nonparametric quantile inference with competing–risks data
On the approximation of the quadratic exponential distribution in a latent variable context
On a generalization of a result of W. G. Cochran
The high-dimension, low-sample-size geometric representation holds under mild conditions
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