Modelling pairwise dependence of maxima in space
Efficient nonparametric estimation of causal effects in randomized trials with noncompliance
Partial and latent ignorability in missing-data problems
Orthogonal and nearly orthogonal designs for computer experiments
D-optimal design of split-split-plot experiments
Optimal two-level regular fractional factorial block and split-plot designs
Bayesian-inspired minimum aberration two- and four-level designs
Confidence intervals for spectral mean and ratio statistics
Tapered empirical likelihood for time series data in time and frequency domains
Model checking in regression via dimension reduction
Bayesian nonparametric functional data analysis through density estimation
Wilcoxon-type generalized Bayesian information criterion
Reducing variability of crossvalidation for smoothing-parameter choice
Dealing with limited overlap in estimation of average treatment effects
On fuzzy familywise error rate and false discovery rate procedures for discrete distributions
Fast block variance estimation procedures for inhomogeneous spatial point processes
A note on semiparametric efficient inference for two-stage outcome-dependent sampling with a continuous outcome
A note on profile likelihood for exponential tilt mixture models
A note on cause-specific residual life
Construction of orthogonal and nearly orthogonal Latin hypercubes
A note on time-ordered classification