Sinh-arcsinh distributions
A new look at time series of counts
Bias reduction in exponential family nonlinear models
Inference on population size in binomial detectability models
Bayesian analysis of matrix normal graphical models
Bayesian lasso regression
Generalized fiducial inference for wavelet regression
Nonparametric estimation of the probability of illness in the illness-death model under cross-sectional sampling
Nonparametric estimation for right-censored length-biased data : a pseudo-partial likelihood approach
Marginal hazards model for case-cohort studies with multiple disease outcomes
Tests and confidence intervals for secondary endpoints in sequential clinical trials
A unified approach to linearization variance estimation from survey data after imputation for item nonresponse
Some design properties of a rejective sampling procedure
Sliced space-filling designs
Nested Latin hypercube designs
Construction of orthogonal Latin hypercube designs
Maximum likelihood estimation using composite likelihoods for closed exponential families
Adaptive approximate Bayesian computation
Semiparametric methods for evaluating risk prediction markers in case-control studies
A note on the variance of doubly-robust G-estimators
A note on automatic variable selection using smooth-threshold estimating equations
A note on adaptive Bonferroni and Holm procedures under dependence
A note on a conjectured sharpness principle for probabilistic forecasting with calibration
Amendments and Corrections
Amendments and Corrections