Contents of Volume 98
Non-Gaussian spatiotemporal modelling through scale mixing
Nonparametric estimation of the variogram and its spectrum
Square-root lasso
Sparse estimation of a covariance matrix
Forward adaptive banding for estimating large covariance matrices
The Aalen additive gamma frailty hazards model
Optimizing randomized trial designs to distinguish which subpopulations benefit from treatment
Covariate selection for the nonparametric estimation of an average treatment effect
A goodness-of-fit test of logistic regression models for case-control data with measurement error
Threshold estimation based on a p-value framework in dose-response and regression settings
Estimation of latent factors for high-dimensional time series
Quantifying the failure of bootstrap likelihood ratio tests
Elliptical graphical modelling
Inverse probability weighting for clustered nonresponse
Blocking, efficiency and weighted optimality
False discovery rate for scanning statistics
Likelihood analysis of the binary instrumental variable model
Wild bootstrap for quantile regression
Empirical likelihood and quantile regression in longitudinal data analysis
Generalized linear time series regression