Studies in the history of probability and statistics, L
Factor profiled sure independence screening
A direct approach to sparse discriminant analysis in ultra-high dimensions
Modelling the distribution of the cluster maxima of exceedances of subasymptotic thresholds
Conservative hypothesis tests and confidence intervals using importance sampling
Optimal fractions of two-level factorials under a baseline parameterization
Combining data from two independent surveys
Optimal allocation to maximize the power of two-sample tests for binary response
Directed acyclic graphs with edge-specific bounds
Bayesian analysis of multistate event history data
A moving average Cholesky factor model in covariance modelling for longitudinal data
A functional generalized method of moments approach for longitudinal studies with missing responses and covariate measurement error
Estimating treatment effects with treatment switching via semicompeting risks models
Mean residual life models with time-dependent coefficients under right censoring
A maximum pseudo-profile likelihood estimator for the Cox model under length-biased sampling
A proportional likelihood ratio model
Proportional likelihood ratio models for mean regression
Estimating overdispersion when fitting a generalized linear model to sparse data
On robust estimation via pseudo-additive information
Optimality of group testing in the presence of misclassification