Contents of Volume 100
Bridging the ensemble Kalman and particle filters
Nonparametric Bayes modelling of count processes
Practical perfect sampling using composite bounding chains : the Dirichlet-multinomial model
Two-sample rank tests under complex sampling
Controlling the bias of robust small-area estimators
Variable selection in semiparametric transformation models for right-censored data
Semiparametric estimation for the additive hazards model with left-truncated and right-censored data
Composite quantile regression for the receiver operating characteristic curve
Reduced rank regression via adaptive nuclear norm penalization
High-dimensional volatility matrix estimation via wavelets and thresholding
Scaled envelopes : scale-invariant and efficient estimation in multivariate linear regression
Smoothing splines with varying smoothing parameter
Saddlepoint approximations for the normalizing constant of Fisher–Bingham distributions on products of spheres and Stiefel manifolds
Simultaneous confidence intervals that are compatible with closed testing in adaptive designs
Designs for crossvalidating approximation models
A simple test for random effects in regression models
Posterior consistency in linear models under shrinkage priors
Likelihood ratio tests with boundary constraints using data-dependent degrees of freedom
‘Simple design-efficient calibration estimators for rejective and high-entropy sampling’
‘Biometrika highlights from volume 28 onwards’