Maximum likelihood estimation for semiparametric transformation models with interval-censored data
Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation for the multisample Wicksell corpuscle problem
Regression analysis of networked data
Exact simulation of max-stable processes
Data augmentation for models based on rejection sampling
Exponential tilting in Bayesian asymptotics
Partial least squares for dependent data
Skew-normal antedependence models for skewed longitudinal data
A pairwise interaction model for multivariate functional and longitudinal data
On exchangeable multinomial distributions
A pairwise likelihood-based approach for changepoint detection in multivariate time series models
Nonparametric identification and maximum likelihood estimation for hidden Markov models
Quantile-based classifiers
Modelling complex survey data with population level information: an empirical likelihood approach
Calibrated propensity score method for survey nonresponse in cluster sampling
On varieties of doubly robust estimators under missingness not at random with a shadow variable
Sharp sensitivity bounds for mediation under unmeasured mediator-outcome confounding
‘Clarifying missing at random and related definitions, and implications when coupled with exchangeability’
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