Data integration with high dimensionality
Automatic tagging with existing and novel tags
Instrumental variables as bias amplifiers with general outcome and confounding
An improved and explicit surrogate variable analysis procedure by coefficient adjustment
Ignorability for general longitudinal data
Bayesian nonparametric analysis of longitudinal studies in the presence of informative missingness
Bayesian block-diagonal variable selection and model averaging
Covariate-assisted spectral clustering
Sparse Gaussian graphical model estimation via alternating minimization
On the number of common factors with high-frequency data
Projection-based outlier detection in functional data
Testing separability of space-time functional processes
Multiply robust imputation procedures for the treatment of item nonresponse in surveys
Construction of maximin distance Latin squares and related Latin hypercube designs
A general rotation method for orthogonal Latin hypercubes
Bias-corrected score decomposition for generalized quantiles
Nonlinear shrinkage estimation of large integrated covariance matrices
Improving the accuracy of likelihood-based inference in meta-analysis and meta-regression
Assigning a value to a power likelihood in a general Bayesian model