Resonance assignments, secondary structure and topology of leukaemia inhibitory factor in solution
Two-dimensional 1H NMR experiments show that the 23-residue magainin antibiotic peptide is an α-helix in dodecylphosphocholine micelles, sodium dodecylsulfate micelles, and trifluoroethanol/water solution
Quantitation of chemical exchange rates using pulsed-field-gradient diffusion measurements
Automated probabilistic method for assigning backbone resonances of (13C,15N)-labeled proteins*
1H, 13C, and 15N NMR backbone assignments and chemical-shift-derived secondary structure of glutamine-binding protein of Escherichia coli *
Triple-resonance NOESY-based experiments with improved spectral resolution : Applications to structural characterization of unfolded, partially folded and folded proteins
Selective 15N labeling and direct observation by NMR of the active-site glutamine of Fe-containing superoxide dismutase
A three-dimensional NMR experiment with improved sensitivity for carbonyl–carbonyl J correlation in proteins