Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Detailed NMR analysis of the heme-protein interactions in component IV Glycera dibranchiata monomeric hemoglobin-CO
Differential isotope labeling strategy for determining the structure of myristoylated recoverin by NMR spectroscopy
The three-dimensional solution structure of the Src homology domain-2 of the growth factor receptor-bound protein-2
Dynamics of β-CH and β-CH2 groups of amino acid side chains in proteins
High-resolution detection of five frequencies in a single 3D spectrum : HNHCACO - a bidirectional coherence transfer experiment
A spin system labeled and highly resolved ed-H(CCO)NH-TOCSY experiment for the facilitated assignment of proton side chains in partially deuterated samples
Measurement of three-bond, 13C′-13Cβ J couplings in human ubiquitin by a triple resonance, E. COSY-type NMR technique
Solvent exchange rates of side-chain amide protons in proteins
A sensitive pulse scheme for measuring the backbone dihedral angle ψ based on cross-correlation between 13Cα-1Hα dipolar and carbonyl chemical shift anisotropy relaxation interactions
Accurate quantitation of water-amide proton exchange rates using the Phase-Modulated CLEAN chemical EXchange (CLEANEX-PM) approach with a Fast-HSQC (FHSQC) detection scheme
Sequence-specific resonance assignments for a designed four-α-helix bundle protein
Sequence-specific 1H, 15N and 13C assignments of the periplasmic chaperone FimC from Escherichia coli
Complete 1H and partial 13C resonance assignments at 37 and 22°C for brazzein, an intensely sweet protein*
Backbone NMR assignments and secondary structure of the N-terminal domain of DnaB helicase from E. coli