Multinuclear NMR resonance assignments and the secondary structure of Escherichia coli thioesterase/protease I
On choosing a detergent for solution NMR studies of membrane proteins
Sequential resonance assignment of medium-sized 15N/13C-labeled proteins with projected 4D triple resonance NMR experiments
NMR studies of Borrelia burgdorferi OspA, a 28 kDa protein containing a single-layer β-sheet
Environmental constraints in the study of flexible segments of proteins
13C shieldings, 18O isotope effects on 13C shieldings, and 57Fe-13C spin couplings of the Fe-C-O unit in superstructured hemoprotein models
Efficient multiple-solvent suppression for the study of the interactions of organic solvents with biomolecules
Heteronuclear correlation experiments for the determination of one-bond coupling constants
CO_H(N)CACB experiments for assigning backbone resonances in 13C/15N-labeled proteins
1H, 15N, and 13C NMR resonance assignments for the DNA-binding domain of the BPV-1 E2 protein
Resonance assignments of the Mrf-2 DNA-binding domain
NMR assignments for acid-denaturated cold shock protein A
Sequence specific 1HN, 15N, 1Hα, 13Cα, and 13Cβ assignments for RNA-1 modulator protein ROM
Key word index Volume 11, 1998