Propagation of experimental uncertainties using the Lipari-Szabo model-free analysis of protein dynamics
Microdrop screening : A rapid method to optimize solvent conditions for NMR spectroscopy of proteins
On using time-averaging restraints in molecular dynamics simulation
Local mobility of 15N labeled biomolecules characterized through cross-correlation rates : Applications to paramagnetic proteins*
The NMR solution structure and characterization of pH dependent chemical shifts of the β-elicitin, cryptogein
High pressure NMR study of a small protein, gurmarin
Conformational analysis of protein and nucleic acid fragments with the new grid search algorithm FOUND
Determination of the equilibrium micelle-inserting position of the fusion peptide of gp41 of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 at amino acid resolution by exchange broadening of amide proton resonances
PSEUDYANA for NMR structure calculation of paramagnetic metalloproteins using torsion angle molecular dynamics
3D HCCH-COSY-TOCSY experiment for the assignment of ribose and amino acid side chains in 13C labeled RNA and protein
1H and 15N resonance assignment of the calcium-bound form of the Nereis diversicolor sarcoplasmic Ca2+-binding protein
Assignment of 1H, 13C and 15N signals of the inhibitor protein Im9 bound to the DNase domain of colicin E9*
1H and 15N resonance assignment of neural cell adhesion molecule module-2
Assignments of 1H and 13C resonances in the complex of palmitate and a non-specific lipid transfer protein (ns-LTP) isolated from barley seeds
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