Assessing potential bias in the determination of rotational correlation times of proteins by NMR relaxation
Characterization of the solution properties of Pichia farinosa killer toxin using PGSE NMR diffusion measurements
Restrained molecular dynamics of solvated duplex DNA using the particle mesh Ewald method
Determination of order parameters and correlation times in proteins
The effect of noncollinearity of 15N-1H dipolar and 15N CSA tensors and rotational anisotropy on 15N relaxation, CSA/dipolar cross correlation, and TROSY
Production of large quantities of isotopically labeled protein in Pichia pastoris by fermentation
Conformational flexibility in calcitonin
A doublet-separated sensitivity-enhanced HSQC for the determination of scalar and dipolar one-bond J-couplings
Analysis of deuterium relaxation-derived methyl axis order parameters and correlation with local structure
Bicelle-based liquid crystals for NMR-measurement of dipolar couplings at acidic and basic pH values
Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor