A method for incorporating dipolar couplings into structure calculations in cases of (near) axial symmetry of alignment
Alignment of weakly interacting molecules to protein surfaces using simulations of chemical shift perturbations
Adiabatic TOCSY for C,C and H,H J-transfer
Pressure alters electronic orbital overlap in hydrogen bonds
Study of conformational rearrangement and refinement of structural homology models by the use of heteronuclear dipolar couplings
An approach for high-throughput structure determination of proteins by NMR spectroscopy
Assessment of molecular structure using frame-independent orientational restraints derived from residual dipolar couplings
Simultaneous CT-13C and VT-15N chemical shift labelling : Application to 3D NOESY-CH3NH and 3D 13C,15N HSQC-NOESY-CH3NH
Transverse relaxation optimized 3D and 4D 15N/15N separated NOESY experiments of 15N labeled proteins
Studies of physicochemical properties of N-H•••N hydrogen bonds in DNA, using selective 15N-labeling and direct 15N 1D NMR
Sequence-specific 1H, 15N and 13C resonance assignments for an engineered arginine-rich domain of the hepatitis C virus NS3 RNA helicase
Sequence-specific resonance assignments of the potent cytolysin equinatoxin II
1H, 13C and 15N NMR assignments of the C-type lectin TC14
Backbone resonance assignment and secondary structure of the 30 kDa Sud dimer from Wolinella succinogenes