Improving the Accuracy of NMR Structures of Large Proteins Using Pseudocontact Shifts as Long-Range Restraints
Probing Slow Backbone Dynamics in Proteins Using TROSY-Based Experiments to Detect Cross-Correlated Time-Modulation of Isotropic Chemical Shifts
RFDR with Adiabatic Inversion Pulses : Application to Internuclear Distance Measurements
Protein Signal Assignments Using Specific Labeling and Cell-Free Synthesis
Paramagnetism-Based Restraints for Xplor-NIH
Triple Quantum Decoherence under Multiple Refocusing : Slow Correlated Chemical Shift Modulations of C′ and N Nuclei in Proteins
Application of Correlated Residual Dipolar Couplings to the Determination of the Molecular Alignment Tensor Magnitude of Oriented Proteins and Nucleic Acids
3D TROSY-HNCACodedCB and TROSY-HNCACodedCO experiments : Triple resonance NMR experiments with two sequential connectivity pathways and high sensitivity
Letter to the Editor : 1H, 15N and 13C NMR Resonance Assignments of Staphostatin A, a Specific Staphylococcus Aureus Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitor
Letter to the Editor : Complete 1H, 15N and 13C Assignment of the Soluble Domain of the ba 3 Oxidase Subunit II of Thermus Thermophilus in the Reduced State
Letter to the Editor : Resonance Assignments and Topology of the 15N, 13C Labelled 23 kDa Core Domain of Xenopus Mob1
Letter to the Editor : 1H, 13C, and 15N Backbone Assignments and Secondary Structure for the 60.8 kD Dimer of the NAD+ Synthetase from Bacillus Subtilis
Letter to the Editor : 1H, 13C and 15N Resonance Assignments of the Region 1463-1617 of the Mouse p53 Binding Protein 1 (53BP1)
Letter to the Editor : Sequential 1H, 15N and 13C NMR Assignment of Human Calbindin D28k
Letter to the Editor : Backbone 1H, 13C and 15N Resonance Assignments for the 18.7 kDa GTPase Domain of Escherichia Coli MnmE Protein
Letter to the Editor : Complete Backbone Resonance Assignments of p47