Accuracy of Optimized Chemical-exchange Parameters Derived by Fitting CPMG R 2 Dispersion Profiles when R2 0a ≠ R2 0b
Structural Studies of Bcl-xL/ligand Complexes using 19F NMR
Computational and Empirical Trans-hydrogen Bond Deuterium Isotope Shifts Suggest that N1–N3 A : U Hydrogen Bonds of RNA are Shorter than those of A
Combining NMR Relaxation with Chemical Shift Perturbation Data to Drive Protein–protein Docking
Band-selective 13C Homonuclear 3D Spectroscopy for Solid Proteins at High Field with Rotor-synchronized Soft Pulses
Identification of Zinc-ligated Cysteine Residues Based on 13Cα and 13Cβ Chemical Shift Data
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