A topical issue : NMR investigations of molecular dynamics
Monitoring conformational dynamics with solid-state R 1ρ experiments
Preparation, resonance assignment, and preliminary dynamics characterization of residue specific 13C/15N-labeled elongated DNA for the study of sequence-directed dynamics by NMR
Structural dynamics of protein backbone ϕ angles : Extended molecular dynamics simulations versus experimental 3 J scalar couplings
Accessing ns–μs side chain dynamics in ubiquitin with methyl RDCs
CPMG relaxation dispersion NMR experiments measuring glycine 1Hα and 13Cα chemical shifts in the ‘invisible’ excited states of proteins
Detection of nanosecond time scale side-chain jumps in a protein dissolved in water/glycerol solvent
Millisecond dynamics in the allosteric enzyme imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase (IGPS) from Thermotoga maritima
Partially folded equilibrium intermediate of the villin headpiece HP67 defined by 13C relaxation dispersion
Protein proton–proton dynamics from amide proton spin flip rates
Probing the urea dependence of residual structure in denatured human α-lactalbumin
Hydration dependent dynamics in RNA
RNA phosphodiester backbone dynamics of a perdeuterated cUUCGg tetraloop RNA from phosphorus-31 NMR relaxation analysis
Conformational entropy changes upon lactose binding to the carbohydrate recognition domain of galectin-3
Mapping the dynamics of ligand reorganization via 13CH3 and 13CH2 relaxation dispersion at natural abundance
Effects of amantadine on the dynamics of membrane-bound influenza A M2 transmembrane peptide studied by NMR relaxation
Quantitative analysis of backbone motion in proteins using MAS solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Chemical exchange effects during refocusing pulses in constant-time CPMG relaxation dispersion experiments
Mesodynamics in the SARS nucleocapsid measured by NMR field cycling
Characterization of slow conformational dynamics in solids : Dipolar CODEX
AMORE-HX : A multidimensional optimization of radial enhanced NMR-sampled hydrogen exchange