Assessment of genetic fidelity of micropropagated Swertia chirayita plantlets by ISSR marker assay

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Inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) marker assay was employed to validate the genetic fidelity of Swertia chirayita plantlets multiplied in vitro by axillary multiplication upto forty-two passages. Sixteen ISSR primers generated a total of 102 amplicons among the tissue-cultured plants. Forty-eight amplicons were amplified in the outlier (a Swertia species). The outlier (negative control) was employed to rule out the possibility that the invariant fingerprint was due to chance alone and that the ISSR technique employed was not discriminatory enough to detect the off-types. A homogenous amplification profile was observed for all the micropropagated plants. The results confirmed the clonal fidelity of the tissue culture-raised S. chirayita plantlets and corroborated the fact that axillary multiplication is the safest mode for multiplication of true to type plants.

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