Mapping of QTLs affecting copper tolerance and the Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn contents in the shoots of wheat seedlings

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Quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for Cu-tolerance were determined in wheat grown in control and Cu-treated soil in greenhouse. In addition, loci having an influence on the shoot Cu-, Fe-, Mn-and Zn-contents under non-stressed and Cu-stressed environments were mapped. One major QTL for Cu-tolerance was found on chromosome 5DL, while slighter effects were determined on the chromosomes 1AL, 2DS, 4AL, 5BL and 7DS. QTLs affecting the shoot Mn-and Zn-contents were found on the chromosomes 3BL and 3AL, respectively. The centromeric region on the chromosome 3B plays a role in the regulation of the shoot Fe-contents in the stressed plants. Under Cu-stress QTL affecting shoot Cu-content was found on chromosome 1BL, while on the chromosome 5AL a QTL influencing the Cu-accumulation ability of wheat from Cu-polluted soil was determined.

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