Brain Pharmacokinetics and Tissue Distribution of Tetrahy-dropalmatine Enantiomers in Rats after Oral Administration of the Racemate
A Simple Pharmacokinetics Subroutine for Modeling Double Peak Phenomenon
Negligible Pharmacokinetic Interaction between Oral DA-8159, a New Erectogenic, and Amlodipine in Rats
Species Differences in Enantioselective 2-Oxidations of RS-8359, a Selective and Reversible MAO-A Inhibitor, and Cinchona Alkaloids by Aldehyde Oxidase
Pharmacokinetics of Oral Amlodipine Orotate in Vagotomized Dogs
Effects of Water Deprivation for 72 Hours on the Pharma-cokinetics of DA-7867, a New Oxazolidinone, in Rats