Pharmacokinetic Properties of TDP4815 after Single Intravenous and Oral Administrations to Rat, Rabbit, Monkey, Dog and in Vitro Drug Metabolism
Pharmacokinetics of Riluzole: Evidence for Glucuronidation as a Major Metabolic Pathway not Associated with UGT1A1 Genotype
Proposal for a Standardised Identification of the Mono-Exponential Terminal Phase for Orally Administered Drugs
Pharmacokinetics of Desethylamiodarone in the Rat after its Administration as the Preformed Metabolite, and after Administration of Amiodarone
Pharmacokinetics of Antofloxacin Hydrochloride, a New Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic, after Single Oral Dose Administration in Chinese Healthy Male Volunteers
A Novel pH Sensitive N -Succinyl Chitosan/Alginate Hydrogel Bead for Nifedipine Delivery
Hesperidin in Orange Juice Reduces the Absorption of Celiprolol in Rats